Callahan’s History

Mary & Mike Callahan have been in the antique business for over thirty years. The National Register’s Who’s Who has elected to include Mary & Mike into their 2004-2005 edition of the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals.

Mike has been around the antique trade all his life. His parents Mel & Jim Callahan ran antique stores and auctions before he was born. Their stores and auctions were in Peoria, Bradford, Toulon and Wyoming, Il. They went by the name (JUNGLE JIM’S). He also has a sister Pat Baysinger that has an antique store in Kewanee, Il. They have been in the business for about thirty three years. (Baysinger Antiques) formerly (House of Bargains).

Mary & Mike have done antique flea-markets for about sixteen years before they opened their antique shop at 1811 N. Santa Fe Chillicothe, Il. There they display several large store cabinets, built-ins cabinets, Backbars of all kinds, fireplace mantels, bookcases and architectural pieces. They also have glassware, kitchen collectibles, vintage linens, prints, jewelry and pottery, etc.